Who We Are

The name Vuselela is inspired by the word’s meaning in Pedi ‘To Revive’ and that is exactly what we aim to do with our products. Revive the immune system of users!

Vuselela Herbal Pharmaceuticals SA uses only 100% natural ingredients with indigenous herbal products such as African Potato and Aloe forming the basis of products. All products are manufactured and packed under strict GMP conditions in a SABS and MCC compliant laboratory in Pretoria and are registered with the Medicine Control Council, under current MCC application and protocol terms.

Most medical Aid schemes in South Africa pay for Imuno-Active capsules.



To establish Vuselela Herbal Pharmaceuticals SA as one of the leading natural pharmaceutical companies in the world, that creates jobs and give people their health back by establishing our products as a lifestyle companion that will enhance general health as well as the well-being of people’s day to day living.




Since Janet Potgieter became the CEO of Vuselela Herbal Pharmaceuticals SA in July 2014, she re-branded the Imuno-Active range and is busy developing exciting new products that will take the company to the next level and across borders into Africa.

Janet is a humanitarian with her focus on job creation and entrepreneurial support in Africa. She believes that if you can empower people to take care of themselves and to nurture their children, the world can indeed become a better place. The current and planned products of Vuselela Herbals focus both on health care and job creation.

Being Mrs. Africa Globe Classic 2015, Janet represented the African Continent in Las Vegas in March 2015 at the International Mrs. Globe Classic Pageant where she was crowned 1st runner up. She also received the distinctive “Contestant’s Choice” Award and the “Heart for Women” Award from the Mrs. Globe Organisation, the biggest international beauty pageant for Mrs’s on the Globe.

Janet is furthermore Brand Ambassador of Dignity Dreams, an organisation that manufactures and distributes washable sanitary towels. Over 4 million girls in South Africa alone can’t afford this necessity monthly. With Janet’s passion to uplift women, she believes we have to start with the basics and give women their dignity back. 15 previously unemployed women also have an income today with the manufacturing of the Dignity Packs.

Her love for Africa has taken her to war-ridden Eastern Congo where she founded the Nzuri Project in conjunction with Latlong International and HEAL Africa, where they operate on women with Endemic Goitre Condition. Endemic Goitre Condition affects thousands of women in Central Africa and the main cause is the traditional eating of cassava & cabbage and deficiency in selenium and iodine.

Apart from being a business woman, a humanitarian and a beauty queen, Janet is the mother of 2 children and has a loving husband who she describes as her rock and her support.


Nelson Thulane Zondo became captivated by the infinite variety of plants and medicinal properties when he was still a child.  This fascination remained and became an internal part of his life and influenced everything he undertook. He rediscovered the healing power of nature and the healing properties of plants and in using this age-old knowledge he developed modern natural remedies for many complaints and illnesses.

“I would never have dreamt that my experience as a young boy with medicinal plants would have such consequences and prove their worth in my later professional life.”

“In 2005 I came across Imuno-Active and saw the astonishing results of this amazing 100% natural immune system booster. Since then I am a firm believer in this amazing product and I am proud to say that today I am the nature’s doctor and herbalist of this magnificent company that changes lives through improved health.”

Janet Potgieter

Dr. Nelson Zondo