Testimonial – Richard Strickland


I got your number from Margaret at Viral care pharmacies in Benoni and as discussed with you over the phone, just had to share my story.

I am with Transmed medical aid and enclosed my script from my lung specialist and Transmed care plan.

I have been taking Imuno Active now for two weeks and cannot believe the difference in my health.  I sometimes battle toe breath and it is very difficult to walk far.  I cannot do stairs or walk up an incline.  I am very fortunate that I can do my work and spend my day at a desk and work on the computer.

My condition (COPD) is here to stay. I survived a massive heart operation (endocarditis) for a very rare heart disease in 2001.  They removed growths, replaced a valve and repaired the mitral valve.  All this doesn’t make life easy for me.  I spent a lot of time on a nebuliser the last year.

I cannot believe that the last month I am not running out of air and I have extra energy.  I normally take it very slowly when walking as I normally run out of air and have to use the Asthavent pump which I haven’t used now for a week.

I also note a difference in my stride as I walk upright instead of bent over as usual.  I am sleeping extra well and have less pain in my joints.  It also seems as if my blood circulation have improved, I can feel this in my heart rhythm.

I have endured 14 years of my heart condition and believe me the improvement can be only because of the Imuno Active capsules because I haven’t changed any of my other medication.  I am truly so impressed, it is as if a miracle happened, and I know I am not imagining things.

I do not intend to stop using Imuno Active capsules.  Your product is really good and I needed to get hold of someone tell.