Testimonial – Dr LK Molebane


I am a practising general practitioner in Temba Hammanskraal.  I started prescribing Imuno Active to my patients four months ago.  The bulk of these patients suffer from HIV/AIDS with clinical symptoms ranging from weight loss, oral thrush, severe weakness and diarrhoea.  Some of the other patients suffer from other diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and hypertension.

I have observed very remarkable improvement in the AIDS patients in the form of weight gain, disappearance of oral thrush and increased energy levels.

I have not corroborated this improvement with laboratory means, however, I firmly believe there will be corresponding improvement in virological an immunological parameters.  I believe Imuno active will also improve the lives of sufferers of diabetes and arthritis when taken with their regular medication.

This is just an expression of my individual experience of the product and does not represent an attempt to endorse it at the expense of other treatments available.