“I have started to prescribe Imuno-Active to my patients, many of whom suffer from HIV AIDS, and have observed a remarkable improvement in the form of weight gain, inceased energy and disappearance of oral trush..” ”……

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Dr. LK Molebane

Medical Doctor, Temba

“I was sceptical about this product at first but gave it to a client who was very thin as a result to illness and no appetite. I was pleasantly surprised when the same client, after taking the immune booster, was able to eat better and became much healthier”……

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Kgoshi Monama


Emmie wrote a letter to a magazine’s ‘agony aunt’ telling her about her problems regarding her illness to which a reader responded by sending her some Imuno-Active capsules which helped her remarkably…


Emmie Potgieter


“I use this product as a supplement for myself as well as my patients and find it excellent beyond my expectations as a nutritional supplement and antioxidant” …


Dr S Losilo

Clinical Manager, Jubilee Hospital

For Lizelle Janse van Rensburg, a mother in her late 30’s a business owner, the last 23 years was on and off battle with Epstein-Bar virus…

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Lizelle Janse van Rensburg

How Imuno-Active gave this mother and son their health back

I am Bernard from East Lynne.  I am 44 years old and has lived with HIV and TB for years.  In spite of being on chronic medication I got from the clinic for many years, I just got sicker and was later too sick to work.  After using IMUNO Active for only one week I felt much better.  After two weeks I was back on the job.

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HIV and TB patient

“Due to a chronic condition I have been on a nebuliser for the past year. I also had open heart surgery to replace a mitral valve and this means I am always short of breath. After using Imuno-Active for two weeks I cannot believe the difference in my health. For the past week I am not running out of air and have extra energy”…

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Richard Strickland