This product will be available from 2015

The powerful combination of Centella Asiatica, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E and Calendula Oil makes our Skin Rescue Ointment suitable for treatment of most skin diseases, irritations and even open wounds. This 100% natural product is effective for treating the following conditions:


  • Itching, gorges, warts
  • Burn wounds, cut wounds, operation wounds, open wounds & bruises
  • Cold sores, acne, rashes
  • Prevention of scarring
  • Allergic reactions: sun; calluses; insect bites; fungal nails; chapped, flaky & dry skin; fungi and athlete‚Äôs foot
  • Relief from the pain and discomfort of haemorrhoids
  • Softens age spots
  • Relief from itching and rashes caused by eczema and psoriasis

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