Welcome to Vuselela Herbals

The name Vuselela is inspired by the word’s meaning in Pedi ‘To Revive’ and that is exactly what we aim to do with our products. Revive the immune system of users!

Vuselela Herbal Pharmaceuticals SA is a pioneer in the herbal supplement industry, with more than a million bottles of the flagship product, Imuno-Active, sold.

Imuno-Active’s unique formula was developed by a medical practitioner and a team of pharmacists with the assistance of the Department of Pharmacology, University of Pretoria.

100% Natural Products

Vuselela Herbal Pharmaceuticals SA uses only 100% natural ingredients with indigenous herbal products such as African Potato and Aloe forming the basis of our products.

All products are manufactured and packed under strict GMP conditions in a SABS and MCC compliant laboratory in Pretoria.

Most medical Aid schemes in South Africa pay for Imuno-Active capsules.